Post RSA Giveaway

I'm currently working on a post about my experience at RSA Conference 2016. In the meantime, I've got a bunch of swag I got that I would like to pass on to someone who would appreciate it more than I would.

MSI & PC Part Picker “Dream PC Contest” – My Entry: The Red NiB

The following post is an almost verbatim copy/paste of this Build Guide on : Thanks to MSI and PCPP for this awesome contest! These sorts of contests are the best for our community of gamers as it will likely bring people who can't otherwise afford to join us or, simply, have no previous … Continue reading MSI & PC Part Picker “Dream PC Contest” – My Entry: The Red NiB


MSI and PC Part Picker’s Dream PC Contest

Hi guys, I'm currently working on a much longer post, much like my first major post in this blog (about the 1+ One) that will also act as my entry into this contest: The grand prize is a $2000 gaming PC that is customized by you. TL;DR Whatever PC you build up is what you … Continue reading MSI and PC Part Picker’s Dream PC Contest

Mailing Lists!

To be kept up to date via my mailing list, please follow this link: Also, here is a playlist I used for my speech class:

Attempting to stream on

Unsure if this will work but I will be attmepting to stream some homefront gameplay from my nvidia shield (awesome device, btw) live video from TheNiB06 on Thanks. Hoping this works, The Nerd in Black

Great Cases for a great price!

If anyone needs a case for their iPhone, please let me know, I have discount codes for the following: NT636CRS Link to NT636CRS Promotional code: FR8V-H7UZ3S-G2MV45 NT636CRL Link to NT636CRL Promotional code: S42R-HD97XJ-HSFW4F NT636TCS Link to NT636TCS Promotional code: LFFF-MRSX2U-S7PQCJ NT630CR Link to NT630CR Promotional code: 39KX-S6443M-9R3YJ Also, I will be … Continue reading Great Cases for a great price!

More Activity Coming Soon!

Tudor Race at Laguna Seca that I attended this past weekend from 5/1-5/3. This post should be posted up by Friday night the latest. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek...also a few codes for free games!