Great Cases for a great price!

If anyone needs a case for their iPhone, please let me know, I have discount codes for the following: NT636CRS Link to NT636CRS Promotional code: FR8V-H7UZ3S-G2MV45 NT636CRL Link to NT636CRL Promotional code: S42R-HD97XJ-HSFW4F NT636TCS Link to NT636TCS Promotional code: LFFF-MRSX2U-S7PQCJ NT630CR Link to NT630CR Promotional code: 39KX-S6443M-9R3YJ Also, I will be … Continue reading Great Cases for a great price!


The 1+ One

As many of you who know me on a personal level, I've been admiring and coveting the "1+ One" pretty much since it was announced: What most of you don't know is that I actually received an invite to purchase one on 10/06/2014. I decided to keep my purchase and award of the opportunity … Continue reading The 1+ One