MSI & PC Part Picker “Dream PC Contest” – My Entry: The Red NiB

The following post is an almost verbatim copy/paste of this Build Guide on :

Thanks to MSI and PCPP for this awesome contest! These sorts of contests are the best for our community of gamers as it will likely bring people who can’t otherwise afford to join us or, simply, have no previous knowledge of computers.


If I win this, I’ll be keeping the new PC for myself and giving away the parts from my current build (i7-4770/gtx660 mITX) to friends and family. I’ve been gaming all my life and work in the IT field as general as it sounds. I’ve been known as the “Nerds in Black” and MSI’s gaming line has a color scheme of red/black, hence the name, Red NiB (blog is at although I haven’t updated it in ages).


Now, on to the hardware:


Do I need the insane amount of power behind this processor? Absolutely not, however, this is a dream build, so why not go balls out on the processor. As the heart of this beast, if I get the best of the best (of the best, sir!) right now, then it’ll be futureproof for a minimum of two, maybe three years.

Corsair H75

I don’t plan on overclocking or doing anything too crazy with this build other than basic gaming, so this CPU cooler will be more than enough for my needs. In fact, I could probably get away with the included OEM retail fan just like I have on my current build, but I figure with the added room of an ATX sized build, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t get a closed loop CPU Cooler.

MSI Z710A Gaming M5

Ideally, I would’ve gone with the Gaming M8/M9 ( or even the Gaming Titanium Edition ( but due to the budget constraint of $2000 for the entire build, a minor downgrade on the motherboard is not a huge deal

Kingston HyperX Black 16GB

This is pretty self-explanatory. I’ve had no issues with Kingston brand memory in the past, 16GB is a pretty standard benchmark for gaming and still leaves me with 2 slots open for future upgradeability.

Kingston HyperX 3k 480GB

I currently have a HyperX 3k 120GB SSD in the build I use every day. With the decreasing ratio of GB/$, this is more than enough for everyday gaming. I didn’t include a TB media/spinning drive just because I can easily transplant the one that I already have from my existing system.

MSI GeForce 980 TI 6GB

As this is a gaming PC, I wanted to throw the best of the best again for my graphics card. Both computing power and graphics power is maximized in this build to ensure future-proofing. Also, with this card, I would easily be able to use this for the next two to three years.

be quiet! Silent Base 600

I actually already own a “be quiet! Silent Base 800” ( ready to go for my next build, so I just chose their budget model in order to satisfy the Rules of the giveaway.

SeaSonic 650W 80+ Gold

Same reasoning as the case. I already have a “be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 850W 80+ Platinum” PSU ( ready to drop into whatever was going to be my next build. I also chose a PSU at random, but one that would also make sense for this build if I were planning on using all parts of the build to finish a full computer.


Because I already own or have spare parts from previous/future builds on my workbench, I maximized this build for power (aka, the CPU and GPU). The rest of the build is so that I can satisfy the T&C of the giveaway. Arguably, I should have a better motherboard, but that was not the focus of my build. If one were to buy all the parts in my build, there would be no issues with it running perfectly fine for the average or even enthusiast gamer.


I would appreciate any and all feedback on my build. And would greatly appreciate if you liked and commented on the build at pcpartpicker so that I can have a higher chance of winning the contest! If not, I won’t hold it against you, but you know…karma? If you go ahead and enter as well, post a comment here or PM me, I’ll be happy to look it over, give my opinion, and like/comment on your post too!

The link to my entry to comment/upvote is as follows:

Free stuff? Why not!

-The NiB

PS, my referral link is as here, so if you use it, I get a bonus entry!

The 1+ One

As many of you who know me on a personal level, I’ve been admiring and coveting the “1+ One” pretty much since it was announced:

What most of you don’t know is that I actually received an invite to purchase one on 10/06/2014. I decided to keep my purchase and award of the opportunity to purchase the one a secret because I knew that once I received it, I would either love the phone, or despise it due to the size and form factor. Therefore, I didn’t want to pass judgment before actually getting hands onto it.

The design has a ton of wow factor such as the basic design aspects that were created from an aggregate of what seemed like the most popular features requested by the cyanogen community forum members. It has been rightfully dubbed, and even branded as the “cyanogen” phone. When you take a look at the unboxing and glamour shots that I have taken, you will all see what I mean. I actually received the phone on 10/10/2014.

If there is enough demand, I will consider creating a more detailed and in-depth analysis of the phone as a daily driver after a week or two using it consistently. It is safe to say that I intend on never buying another phone again at this particular moment.

I would’ve posted about it then, but I was actually participating in an awesome “NON-hackathon” hosted and sponsored by the AutoTech Alliance of Silicon Valley. I will be back in a few days to write more about the unique experience there and the completely different attitudes in what a “hackathon” is to myself, and those like me, on the technology side of the table. In contrast, most auto manufactuers who aren’t as well versed in technology really don’t have an opinion of what a hackathon is, other than the misconception of what a “hacker” is. (Again, I’l go more in depth on this topic in it’s own post.

However, I need to send a few days to myself in order to recuperate from the lack of sleep and ingestion of tons of junk food in order to meet a deadline to create a product concept with a 3minute pitch with who are essentially strangers all within a 24-hour period.

Below, you will find a poll. What would you prefer to see? An in depth review my shiney new toy/phone, or an overview of my experience at a non-traditional hackathon hosted and paid for (although indirectly) by SV automotive departments.

So much awesomeness

1+ One Unboxing

2014-10-11 01.03.13 2014-10-11 01.03.32 2014-10-11 01.03.52 2014-10-11 01.04.06 2014-10-11 01.04.59 2014-10-11 01.05.50 2014-10-11 01.06.48 2014-10-11 01.06.57 2014-10-11 01.08.15

Stay techy,
-The Nerd in Black

P.S. Here is a video of me giving the pitch for my team’s idea at the hackathon:

P.P.S. I can see that I am receiving a lot of traffic, however, very little feedback in the form of comments and other interaction. I would really like to hear more from you, my viewers, in order to provide the content that you all deserve.

Hello World

Sup everyone! I’ve been a nerd since birth, IT(heh) goes without question. I’m also simple in what I need in life. Black is quite simply the most sensible and most basic color that goes with everything. Hence, Nerds in Black.

2014-10-08 05.47.33

This will be a basic blog to dump all the projects I’m working on that can include anything from fixing a screen, to setting up a raspberry pi, to setting up a small business server. Don’t expect constant updates.

2014-10-07 20.06.55

As always, make sure to check back frequently as I will have some giveaways coming soon! (The picture below may or may not be the prizes).

2014-10-08 00.53.39

Squash All Bugs,
-The Nerd in Black