MSI & PC Part Picker “Dream PC Contest” – My Entry: The Red NiB

The following post is an almost verbatim copy/paste of this Build Guide on : Thanks to MSI and PCPP for this awesome contest! These sorts of contests are the best for our community of gamers as it will likely bring people who can't otherwise afford to join us or, simply, have no previous … Continue reading MSI & PC Part Picker “Dream PC Contest” – My Entry: The Red NiB


Mailing Lists!

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The 1+ One

As many of you who know me on a personal level, I've been admiring and coveting the "1+ One" pretty much since it was announced: What most of you don't know is that I actually received an invite to purchase one on 10/06/2014. I decided to keep my purchase and award of the opportunity … Continue reading The 1+ One

Hello World

Sup everyone! I've been a nerd since birth, IT(heh) goes without question. I'm also simple in what I need in life. Black is quite simply the most sensible and most basic color that goes with everything. Hence, Nerds in Black. This will be a basic blog to dump all the projects I'm working on that can include … Continue reading Hello World