Re: The Scarcity of Posts and Future Updates

Hi all,

I’m sure you’ve all been wondering for my lack of posts the last few weeks and the reason is that coming up on this holiday week, I had a higher than normal stress level due to school, exams, and a personal matter. However, now that things have settled and I have time to post, it is with great pleasure that I can recommend quite a few contest that I have happened upon through my personal research and/or browsing.

This is the time of awesome deals (black Friday) and with sales tactics becoming more and more aggressive, many online retailers have already started to offer the deals that we would have to wait until Friday to take advantage of turning this shopping season into what is most easily called “Black (Shopping) Week” where we get so many more chances to stock up on gifts. At the bottom of this post will be a list of contests I think are worth your time entering (requires facebook) and that I’ve personally entered so I know that they won’t spam you. Keep in mind that I’m not getting any form of compensation for recommending these giveaways, I’m just spreading the word as I feel that little effort involved is totally worth throwing your name in the pot for a chance to win!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to start updating this blog on a more regular/scheduled basis in the near future, however we will have to see as there is another exam season coming up before Christmas break. Feel free to contact me if you guys have any suggestions on any topics or future content I should look into.

As promised earlier, here are the contest links:

“Double Nexus” Giveaway:

“Any Phone” Giveaway:

“Dropbox” Giveaway:

The only thing I get out of recommending these contests are a referral bonus entry, however, if you’d like a direct link, just delete/remove everything from “?gid=” on in the above links.

Good luck and stay techy y’all,

The Nerds in Black


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    1. Sure, I’ll look into. Any particular things you’d like me to do research/report on? It would help me narrow and focus my blogging. The best place to start is by looking through and those are the two that I generally stay on top of around this time of the year.


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