About the NiB

Squash all bugs!


Seriously, bugs tend to be the biggest problem that plagues all developers and on that vein, they are what created the need for the most basic tech support that exists in almost every aspect of life in this current technologically afflicted world we all live in. If you look around you right now, I guarantee there is some sort of computer in your immediate vicinity.

gun    Capture

I also guarantee that within the next year, whoever owns said computer will need tech support. This is where nerds come into play, we are the ones who have inherited the earth. We are the ones who keep your everyday lives, which is dominated by computers, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and the ilk, running like clockwork with little to no hiccups in service. I, The Nerd in Black, will provide tips and tricks in everyday life that may help you become at least a little bit self sufficient in computer repair. This way, you keep us happy by not wasting our time with minor problems that take our attention away from the crazy ones (i.e., Y2K) that happen at least once every day. The most important thing to take away from this is to allow the professionals (ahem, I mean nerds) take care of the problems you truly don’t know about. Don’t be this guy:

that guy

Getting knocked out by something he doesn’t understand.

We may not stand out in any way in everyday life, but we don’t exist in order to ensure that the world won’t implode due to a misplaced piece of code or an improperly maintained computer. Stay classy, stay vigilant, and always, trust in the nerd who offers unsolicited advice. We tend to be introverts, so if we speak up, it means you’re doing something SERIOUSLY wrong.

-The Nerds in Black
Technology Defenders

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